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About us

Welcome to Laps Technologies, your ultimate destination for all software solutions!

Laps Technologies, is a leading provider of IT services within UK and Indian software market, catering to the web and software needs of every genre of business!

Laps Technologies is our answer to every laymen's problems to start a business and a solution to every businessman's worry of growing their business! Laps Technologies aims to provide you with one stop destination for all web and software services.

We at Laps Technologies have at your disposal leading edge software engineering solutions ranging from highly advanced and effective web design, web development, software development, mobile application development services to even small scale IT requirements like web hosting, content management and print/design services with LOWEST PRICE and HIGHEST QUALITY.

Our company headquarter is in India, with our Chief Director, Mr. Laxansh Adesara, currently based in Mumbai, being the technical and operational head for all our global projects. Mrs Rucha Adesara, is the commercial and business development head, managing the client relations and resource management from India.

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